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a 10-day challenge to grow your faith

hey, friend.

This next level requires more, sis. I am extending an invitation for you to join me on this challenge. To do more not in performance and achievements, but in sacrifice and heart-work. Like my writing style, I do not share only to appeal to others nor what does not apply to me FIRST. This is no more a challenge for you than it is for me. Join me in this 10-day challenge to give, be, and produce more. Sign up today.



More about more

at your own pace

complete this challnege

what's in it?

  • Daily emails with content, check-ins, and encouragement (March 1-11, 2021 only)

    • If you join this challenge after March 11, you will still receive an email with challenge info, but not daily emails, as the live challenge ended on March 11. Don't worry, there will be more!

  • A challenge playlist

    • receive a link to an Apple Music or Spotify playlist recommended just for this challenge​

  • Optional Digital Guide + Challenge Kit

    • full page color e-devotional that includes daily challenges, scripture references, ​fasting suggestions, and scripture cards

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challege guide

Along with the challenge, I have developed an e-guide and challenge kit that includes the challenge playlist, fasting suggestions, a daily devotional for each day of the challenge, scripture references, and scripture cards.

Female Friends

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Name one area you know you are to be doing more in. Just one, sis. :)

Thanks for submitting!

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