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I am a passionate creative who enjoys helping people do the hard and heart-work to achieve wholeness.


My aim is to not just make hope attainable, but a lived experience for those I encounter. 


I'm all too familiar with the crossroads between recovering from life's mishaps and putting up walls to make sure you're not hurt like that again. I've found that we often forget failure and fortune are regular occurrences in life, and we sometimes underestimate our ability to not just recover, but live a fulfilling life even with scars. Denying/ignoring the impact of pain is not the answer. Neither is making hopelessness your home.

Spending the last several years working with individuals and families at a trauma--focused treatment center as a Certified Trauma Therapist (CTT), I specialize in capturing hope in and after struggle. With a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, I am a licensed therapist (LMFT) in the state of Arkansas. 

My Passions


Anchoring people with support, truth, and solutions to achieve wholeness through purposeful therapy services.


Creating resources to encourage, inform, and inspire through writing and digital content creation.


Equipping communities of faith and minorities with encouragement for a hope and a future with fortitude.


I've been coined with the nickname "Piranha Brianna" by a former client. I can explain...

Using this picture of my cute furbaby, CoCo, to help my case.


Let's just say, I don't play when it comes to challenging myths and mindsets that keep us captive to defeat and hopelessness. Having lost my mother in December 2018, surviving the darkest days of my life gave the fierceness that already resided in me a purpose - and that is to bring people out of the valley with me.

Healing isn't magic and restoration isn't instant. My job is to make these possibilities your reality...and it's your job too. We'll work together.

Nature Photographer

fun facts

I serve as the Executive Director of Pretty Proverbs, an organization I founded in college with a sister-friend.
I am a new first-time auntie and couldn't be more in love with my nephew. I'm basically his 3rd parent. (His parents may disagree, but my website - my story.)
I designed this website myself. See my Web Design Service.

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