Brianna Rodgers is a passionate creative who enjoys helping people do the hard and heart-work to achieve wholeness. With a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, Brianna is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in the state of Arkansas. Through her blog and devotionals, she aims to provide encouraging content and resources. Her platform portfolio includes churches, conferences, schools, and virtual events where she speaks as an advocate of Mental Health to normalize therapy and overall mental and spiritual health, especially in minority and religious communities.


Brianna is the owner of Light of Mine, LLC where she assists others with lifestyle and digital design. She also serves as the Executive Director of Pretty Proverbs, a faith-based organization she co-founded in college with a friend. 

"I believe that we are beautifully interdependent people, incredibly resilient, gracefully flawed, and (hopefully) ever-growing." - Brianna Rodgers

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