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© 2019-2020 by Brianna Rodgers

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Our mission is to be an encouraging Christian organization for girls and young women to seek for inspiration and accountability, but most of all sisterhood. We began as a faith-based blog site, and grew to be a physical ministry: a place where REAL women encourage REAL women in all aspects of life. We are based out of Jonesboro, AR where we provide bi-weekly Bible studies (Sister Circles), community service projects, and a mentorship program with a local school. Digitally, we offer blogs, devotion, and online inspiration. Although we don’t belong to this world (John 15:19), we face the temptations and challenges that living in this world brings. Through our blog and ministry, we hope to inspire and encourage others to live life together and under the umbrella of the Most High! We know that although the heels we wear are high, we BELIEVE that through Christ we are elevated higher. We are by no means perfect, but we have every intention to please a perfect Jesus! Visit www.PrettyProverbs.com today!