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Welcome to My Home

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Hi friends!

This post is a little more lighthearted than my normal posts. 😊 I want to let you in on my personal life...specifically my home. Thanks to COVID-19, I can’t have the traditional housewarming. I’ve been getting a lot of messages inquiring about a wish list, so I wanted to debut my home virtually with you guys! Without further ado, come on in!

(Video Song: I.L.U. by Logan B3)

The theme for my home is boho chic. So, lots of greenery, neutral colors (white, cream, nude, brown, black, etc.), and wicker storage/decor. Since my living room is the first thing I see when I come home, I wanted it to be extra cozy and homey. 😊

Light and airy. That’s what I want my guests to feel when they come hang out with me. While I’m certainly not done decorating my guest bathroom, I already love the bright feel I have coming along. Now that I have 2 bathrooms t maintain, I gotta stay on top of keeping it clean!

My journey to home ownership has been quite the process! I am grateful, and it still feels pretty new. However, I've enjoyed every moment of it and have learned so much. It's really a lot of fun decorating my home.

Comment below your thoughts and ideas. And as requested, here is my wish list. Until next time!

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