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A Prayer on Distractions, Devotion, & Destiny


Lord & Ruler, thank you for the gift of discernment. I ask that you would help me to recognize when I am making a good thing a distraction, and when I am being distracted by something/someone that is not apart of your will for my life. If the former, help me to refocus and set boundaries so that I won’t exalt it/them above You. If the latter, give me the courage, strength, and the tools to part ways with what/who is not for me. Help me to heed your warning, as it always comes before destruction.

In the same way, help me not to be a distraction to others. I want my actions, words, and life to lead others to you…not away from You. Convict my heart when I am using my tongue for evil - even if it feels righteous.


Help me to find peace and refuge in devotion to You. Let my alone time with You always center and recharge me. Help me to make time for You and prioritize our time together. Help me to give you my ear and heart in our time together, so that Your words are always on my heart and in my mind - to be heeded and not ignored. Please help me not to be comfortable in pushing You away. Remind me of the sweet peace that comes with submission to You.


Lord, when I become overwhelmed, arrogant, or uncertain - gently remind me that You know all, and declare the end from the beginning. May my devotion to You strengthen me to remove distractions intended to be a deterrent to my destiny. Help me not to grow so familiar with Jeremiah 29:11, that I see it as cliche or no longer believe its truth. Help my unbelief when I am doubtful or discouraged concerning my destiny. Make me aware of if/when my own actions and thoughts are keeping me from Your plan for me. Renew the maturity within me to be accountable, take ownership, and be responsible for my part in Your plan.

You are Lord. You are the Way. You are the Truth. You are the Life, and I am so thankful that You are mine. Help me to remember that I am Yours.

In Your Son Jesus name I pray,


Thinking of You,

Bri 💛

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